Tweaked Automotive offer partial and full vehicle wrapping for the Land Rover Defender 90/110 models. Vehicle wrapping allows you to colour change or create a unique design for your Defender. We have available a vast selection of colours and designs whilst leaving the original factory paint untouched and protected from road grime/weathering and stone chips. Unlike spray-jobs, a vinyl wrap can be removed quickly and easily so you can revert to the original paint finish.

The high end products we use ensure the same appearance and surface structure like a regular paint finish and the film itself actually shields your car’s paint against stone-chips, abrasions and weathering to preserve your Defenders original paintwork and future resale value.

Before we apply the Vinyl Wrap we remove all lights, door handles, grilles, trims and badges from the body. All panels are made from one piece, no joints! We wrap each body panel individually. Dependant on your needs we will require your vehicle for 2-5 days, this is based on the extent of how much we wrap (partial or full) and the design and colour you choose.


  • Full vinyl wraps
  • Partial vinyl wraps (e.g. roof only, bonnet only)
  • Custom designs
  • Wide selection of colours and finishes


  • Protects original paint from stone chips and weathering
  • Once removed your original paint will be unmarked and exactly how it was before the wrap was applied
  • Easily removable if needed
  • Cost effective compared to a complete spray job
  • Branding of your vehicle for a proffesional approach of your business
Land Rover Defender - Wrapping Services


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