To complement our exterior and performance updates we have a vast range of suspension upgrades for the Defender. With a number of year’s experience with both the Land Rover and Range Rover models we are able to advise and guide you on how to get the best out of your Defender and for your specific requirements, be it for city use or off-road use.

The right suspension upgrade will give you fun behind the wheel, enhance the Defender’s behaviour on the road. Our kits utilise our own comfort springs, a selection of Bilstein or Koni dampers and anti-rolls bars. These upgrades transform handling through greatly reduced body roll and much improved damping, resulting in increased comfort. Additionally, the lowering springs we have available will offer improved visual looks for both the 90 and 110 models.

We are also able to provide solutions for owners who wish to heighten their Defenders for use with larger wheel/tyre combination or off-road use.


  • Air suspension system
  • ARB poly bush pack
  • Bilstein damper kit
  • Front and rear anti-roll bar upgrade
  • Lowering springs
  • Steering dampers
Land Rover Defender - Suspension


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